Спам для знакомой

As a result, you're going to get friend spam suggestions here and there. Be sure to check out people you don't know before you add them. Are you getting spam that has a Facebook friend's name listed as sender but was actually sent from an unknown e-mail address?

знакомой спам для

Me too. The product asks for your email or social media permissions under the pretence it will be used for a desirable outcome (e.g.

Спам Для Знакомой

Noun - Excessive friends on Facebook that you really знакомой you did not have: 1. Some guy is spam-friending everyone для a group I'm in (he's not; he's not even qualified for membership). TL:DR - A solution to the recent spam of friend requests (most likely from bots). Hey guys. I went through this recently, refusing a спам request and marking it spam, only to find out it was an artist who had just signed up for my arts website.