Russian pavilion

Russian pavilionzoom

Russian pavilion

The decision of Russia participating in the exhibition is made by the Government of the Russian Federation. (Order № 1667-р dated December 1, 2006).

Expo-2010 is a wide international site for the technological dialogue. Russia at the World universal exhibition Expo 2010 in Shanghai will appear in front of the world in the role of the perfect government of the 21st centure — strong, developed, ready to decide the most difficult tasks of the present and the future. The Russian Federation constructs a separate pavilion along with the other highly-developed countries. At the territory covering six thousand square kilometers the dream city will appear which will unite the most important directions of our country: energy preparedness and efficiency, innovations in public health and social development, atomic technologies, cosmic exploration, development of telecommunications and information technologies.

The pavilion architectural concept, scenography and the exposition plan will create special conditions for visitors which will let: touch the understanding of greatness of the Russian nation and its people, feel a great potential and determination for the future in the center of which there are interests of the mankind.

On November 7, 2007 according to the decision of the Committee of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for selection of exhibition operators for the right to organize Russian fair events and international and industry forums and exhibitions of the year, the government corporation "All-Russia Exhibition Center" OJSC became the winner of the tender for the right to organize and hold participation of Russia at the World Universal Exhibition Expo-2010.

Director General of P.A.P. ER architectural team V. O. Preobrazhenskaya, chief architect of the project L.R. Airapetovzoom

Director General of P.A.P. ER architectural team V. O. Preobrazhenskaya, chief architect of the project L.R. Airapetov

In 2008 according to the results of the contest for the best architectural idea of the pavilion the architect bureau "P.A.P. ER architectural team" was admitted as the winner among twenty three architect workshops of the country.

According to the chosen architectural project an idea of three-parts became the foundation of the Russian pavilion composition solution. The pavilion consists of three main elements: 12 white-gold towers, the cube "hovering in the clouds" lying on the foundations of all twelve towers and the internal installation.

The pavilion towers are going up symbolizing rapidly growing megapolises with skyscrapers of nonlinear architecture. White-gold color of the towers resembles historical images of the Russian architecture, perforation of the upper tower parts is created basing on ethnic ornaments of the nations populating Russia.

The pavilion plan is similar to Slavic settlements, it symbolizes "the flower of life" or the sun, roots of "the world tree" (a spreading oak among the Slavs) where "the life heavens" lie. The towers "roots" are oriented to the center of the composition and support "the civilization cube" connected with a symbol "man".

The elements of the cube external decoration can move and that organizes huge surfaces of "the living facade" which by reflecting the sky, the towers, greenery and people will create an image of a giant living being at daytime. At night with the help of special lighting even more stunning effect of the changing light-color-dynamic screen is created.

President and art director of Krasnov design Ltd. company B.A. Krasnovzoom

President and art director of Krasnov design Ltd. company B.A. Krasnov

According to the results of selection of an organization responsible for development of the scenography conception of the pavilion the company "Krasnov-design" became the best one, the most well-known design company in Russia the name of which is admitted as the national design brand.

The narrative demonstration slogan which will be represented in the Russian pavilion is: better city is the city of a dream, happiness, a good place for children to live in. Original children's ideas, youth projects and inventions will let dip into the future. As today's children are those who will live on the Earth tomorrow, they will build new cities, make scientific discoveries and implement them in life.